Difference between Plastic Lockers and Metal Lockers

Plastic lockers

Fibertech’s plastic lockers are ideal for outdoor use as they are waterproof, hence can be used when there is no space indoors. They are also very practical, attractive and durable in nature which makes them perfect for the ones who want an on brand fit or a colorful style for students. Nowadays, these lockers are made of tough exterior, are highly waterproof and quite hygienic. And due to the latter, plastic lockers are ideal for gym situation, swimming pool or external surroundings.

As they have a robust and highly vandal proof build, these lockers work the best when installed outside where they can keep the corrosion away and stay secured when there is intentional damage. They can also be fully hosed down when you are deep cleaning an outdoor area.

These lockers are also modular, amazingly flexible in various environments and can be moved and installed with so much ease. High traffic surroundings like school corridors should make the most of such lockers as they provide the 90 degree door opening angle where the side by side lockers can also be opened simultaneously. It also comes with a super sturdy plastic hinge that can withstand 240kg of impact and these locker doors can tolerate significant amount of force. When it comes to design, these lockers are available in a lot of colors.

Metal lockers

Metal lockers are mostly inclined to security and provision. They are also equipped with features that offer amazing durability, sturdiness and anti vandal proof. These lockers offer steadfast protection and durability too. Behind the door of the metal locker is a full height reinforcement bar and a metal corner stiffener that makes it strong and rigid.

Integrated with an internal four way frame that doesn’t let the door being pushed inwards, these metal lockers are amazingly resistant to tampering or interference. In other words, they are amazingly safe too. Considering their remarkably strong and secure nature, metal lockers are ideal for warehouse environments or public areas that are more prone to vandals. For company, a molded inset section can easily be fitted with the number plates and other accessories like stands and sloping tops can also be installed for keeping the things tidy inside. Such lockers are ideal for office environments.

The paint finish on these lockers bear antibacterial properties and beside the 6 door, all models come bearing louvered doors for ventilation. Hence, these lockers are perfect for medical environments where they can easily be used by staff members or patients. They are also available in a number of widths, heights, and color options. When you combine their strength, they can be used for office or school settings for durability and anti vandalism too.

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