5 Cool Customer Friendly Packaging Options to Look At

The number of people doing online shopping increases annually. In other words, online businesses need to have a wide range of packaging options available to ship their products away. Gone are the days when standard cardboard boxes were used to pack the products. Such method calls for extra fillers like bubble wrap. But, consumer trends are now changing and so are the levels of environmental awareness. In other words, conventional packaging methods are no longer been used. Online businesses need to seek more customer friendly packaging options. Belley lists some of them below.

  • Smart packing

If customers order more than one product, you need to come up with a way with packaging to reduce the waste and risk of damage at the same time. You can either store them inside each other or use softer products to cushion the fragile items.

  • Package size

The internet is loaded with customers with feedback that their products were shipped in huge boxes when the items are small. For customers, it becomes frustrating to get rid of the packaging. So, always choose boxes according to the size of the product so that the latter can fit inside perfectly.

  • Impact on nature

One of the biggest reasons to why customers don’t respond well to large packaging than expected is the negative impact on the nature, no matter even if the packaging is recycled, nowadays, customers want to know how sustainable the packaging is. The simplest way to keep them apprised is by mentioning this on the package itself, for instance, if it is made from ecofriendly materials.

Harmful products

Mostly packaging is mass produced. In other words, it may have toxic chemicals that may harm the nature or cause allergic reactions. Consumers are very conscious about the impact these toxins have and want the products and packaging used to be free from all these harmful substances. Seek customer friendly packaging options like plastic packaging made from corn starch, or boxes printed with soy ink etc.

  • Extra packaging

Extra packaging is bad for the nature and the customer as they have to put in more efforts to have access to your products. When considering customer friendly packaging, keep in mind that anything that goes beyond to keep an order from any kind of damage is too much and will not be appreciated. The worst that could happen is that the customer will be unsatisfied and frustrated to pull off the extra plastic wrapping or snip through the plastic wraps.

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