A guide and understanding of what recruitment firms’ do


In today’s job market, every business, organization, factor, or industry must be very careful about recruitment and how they conduct the recruitment process. When it comes to recruitment, there are plenty of options that businesses can choose from. There are different types of recruiters. The first common recruiter is the in-house recruiter and the agency recruiters.

In-house recruiter

An in-house recruiter only works for a single Singapore recruitment firm. They are the ones who are in charge of hiring when the need arises. Although the in-house can screen different applications directed to them, they cannot and are not allowed to send the resumes to different companies.

A recruitment agency

A recruitment agency can also be referred to as the recruitment firm. These types of recruitment agencies find the best fit or different candidates for different companies. If a company hires an agency for recruitment purposes, they will scan through different resumes before they can get the right candidate. They can also send your resumes to different companies just in case you were not the right fit for company A. They are independent and can work for any company. Their main aim and task are to look for quality candidates.

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