Last mile delivery: Important Factors to Remember 

Last mile delivery is a challenge for many businesses. Getting your product to customers requires proper planning and coordination between you, the carriers, and their drivers. The effort that goes into getting something delivered successfully can be overwhelming when it comes down to the wire. So if you are about to get started with last mile Singapore or have already begun, you need to know about some essential factors.

  1. Pick-up Window

A customer may say that they need their parcel tomorrow – but what does this mean exactly? You will have to determine a pick-up window based on location, how far away the recipient is from the pick-up location, and how much time it will take for the carrier to get there.

  1. Predictability

If you can deliver on time, every time – your customers will love you. With last mile delivery, it is crucial to be able to predict what days and times of day deliveries are going to happen based on the location of the recipients.

  1. Quality of the carriers

No matter how much you plan, sometimes things happen that are out of your control – like a carrier not showing up. When planning last mile deliveries, choosing quality providers is vital for avoiding mishaps and ensuring smooth operations through all delivery stages.

Last mile delivery is a big responsibility that requires careful planning, coordination with carriers and their drivers, and not to mention – patience!

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