A turning point of any marriage is when the partners decide to end the marriage and get a divorce. Often, there are many legal steps that the spouses must address and resolve the conflict in a mutually understandable manner. If not, then the same is taken to court. Divorce law is extremely critical. The presentation of the case upfront in court has a substantial weightage on the outcome. An experienced attorney should be consulted in such a court case as soon as possible. For all this, a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney is the perfect answer. 

Issues involved in process of Divorce

Many important aspects of a person’s life take a toll along with the legal relationship during the time of divorce, such as financial matters and child-parent relationships. Without an attorney, it is highly difficult to handle all these. Salt Lake Divorce Attorney is one of the choices.

  • Alimony/ Spousal Maintenance: A person’s quality of life is highly affected in case one of the partners has to pay a specific payment at regular periods.
  • Child Custody- Emotional attachment with child and access to the child is often determined by courts in divorce cases.
  • Division of assets and child support- The court decides on the division of marital property such as home, business, etc. The court also summons the parents to provide for child support and child awards in case of divorce cases.

What are Family Law Attorney and its need?

Family law is a part of civil law that deals with marriage relationships such as marital, family, and domestic issues. In case of any family law issue, it is highly recommended to seek the counsel of a legal professional who can advise you at every step. In a case where financial and marital assets including homes, businesses along with child custody are involved, you must have a strong voice in the petition/motion that you have filed. Having an attorney in such a case is highly useful.

Divorce for Women

Many divorcing women fear that they might not get a share of their husband’s marital assets. But that is not the case. All purchases and investments made after your marriage are considered to be marital property and subject to equitable distribution under Utah divorce laws. 

Your child’s custody can be affected by multiple factors. If you are granted sole custody or share joint custody, but earn a lower income than your former husband, you can be awarded child support payments too. Don’t feel deprived and ensure you get your fair share of marital assets while you divorce. Contact an experienced divorce law firm in Salt Lake City today and know your rights.

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