How to Conduct an Effective and Productive Business Meeting?

Meetings offer an opportunity to exchange ideas, review project progress, resolve issues, make decisions, and solidify the working relationship with business colleagues. Several participants squander valuable time during business meetings. Therefore, the first thought that triggers is – ‘It will be a total time waste’.

Fortunately, every meeting is not horrible. There are ways to conduct an effective and productive meeting.

Choose an appealing venue

Promotions discussions can be conducted behind private office doors but for a team-building or project presentation choose a meeting room in a hotel. The location you choose must be easy to access for every business colleague.

For example, if you are looking for a venue near Quebec then opt for a meeting salle à Bromont [room in Bromont] at the Hotel Chateau. The rustic environment and the professionally designed conference room interiors convey a positive vibe, which can keep the ambiance all charged and productive.

Prepare an agenda

A solid meeting agenda including the crucial topics that need to be discussed to reach a goal must be the starting point. Mail the agenda to every attendee with important matters that will need to be discussed. It will give the participants time to prepare and collect materials relevant to the subject. Important talking points and problems mentioned on top of the agenda will grab every participant’s attention.

Topics discussed must have a reasonable conclusion

Every topic mentioned in the agenda has to be discussed and a nice closure has to be attained before moving to the next subject.

Keep meetings brief

As the agenda defines the meeting purpose haywire situations can be avoided. Many participants adore discussing futile matters but a solid leadership will not allow anyone to drag the meeting adding trivial points.

Add little humor

Humor in between discussions increases your standing as an efficient manager. Therefore add a little humor, while conducting the conference. It warms up the environment when participants smile. You will gain respect from subordinates because they have an image that managers are only stern and strict.

Assign specific responsibility

Make sure to assign responsibility for specific actions as agreed and even set deadlines. It is necessary to be clear about the task to be done in terms of who will do what and when. The responsibility has to be assigned as per the efficiency and performance of the employees.

Word of encouragement

End a productive meeting with encouragement. Never criticize or dishearten an employee in front of other team members. Meeting climax has to be inspiring, which motivates the participants to put extra efforts and bring success.

Thank the participants for attending, offering solutions and suggestions to improve business reputation.

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