Green Bottle Fly Infestation: Let Us Help You!

If you are experiencing a green bottle fly infestation at your home or business, it can be extremely challenging to control these pests. Green Bottle Flies are known for laying their eggs in bodies of water where larvae hatch and feed on decaying organic matter.

These insects often invade homes through the plumbing system when vegetation is flushed down toilets or sinks after being treated with pesticides or fertilizers containing insecticides.

And unless Brighton, MA Pest Control professionals have professionally treated them, many homeowners struggle to eliminate them from nesting inside their homes!

How To Get Rid Of Green Bottle Flies?

The following are the most common methods used to prevent green bottle flies.

  • Place a fly trap with either dry ice or apple cider vinegar inside it. Once they fall into this, you can seal up the jar and throw away the pest.
  • Use sticky papers that act as traps by catching these pests when they try to land on surfaces where people rest their hands after eating.
  • Spray household items like ceiling fans, windowsills, etc., with insecticides containing pyrethrins (a botanical extract) which repel insects, including houseflies.
  • You can also consider using an electronic device called the fly light, which attracts insects using ultraviolet lights
  • Use a vacuum to remove them from ceilings, walls, and floors.
  • You can also use an insecticidal spray made of pyrethrin or permethrin in the corners where you think they are hiding out.

Tips To Control Green Bottle Flies

  • Keep food covered in the refrigerator and keep garbage sealed when not being used.
  • Reduce outdoor sources of green bottle flies such as a compost pile or animal manure by keeping them away from your house.
  • Avoid putting out dog feces for several days until it is dry, then sweep up and remove to reduce potential infestation sites around the home.
  • Dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Dispose of pet feces daily, as it also attracts green bottle flies and other insects that feed on decaying matter.
  • If your compost is outside, turn the pile frequently to speed up the breakdown process and discourage egg-laying in the decomposing material.
  • Clean lawn mower or animal housing areas often reduce organic matter that can attract adult flies looking for a place to lay eggs.

The Bottom Line

The best way to prevent infestations is through proper waste management. For example, green bottle fly larvae are particularly attracted to meat and fatty foods, so these should be quickly disposed of or sealed off from the environment if you have an infestation problem.

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