Few Differences Do Exist Between Corrugated and Cardboard Packaging

Whatever business that you may be doing, you will surely need to ship all your products. Therefore, packaging products can play a very important role in all kinds of businesses. There are different kinds of solutions available based on the type of product.

  • Corrugated packaging
  • Cardboard packaging

Let us try to compare these corrugated and cardboard packaging in this small article.

Corrugated packaging

There are a few differences between corrugated boxes and other cardboard boxes. The former is much stronger, durable, and suitable for carrying and transporting comparatively heavier stuff.

Usually, corrugated boxes have three different layers – inner, outer, and a layer in between these two that can provide a necessary cushioning effect.

Following are few benefits of any corrugated packaging

  • They can offer much higher protection from vibration, shock, and compression.
  • Their production costs are much lower and hence can be cost-effective in comparison to steel or plastic containers.
  • They are quite strong but yet lightweight.
  • They are highly customizable and any businesses can customize flutes and boards as per different product specifications.
  • Very easily recyclable and eco-friendly because it usually makes use of various recycled contents.

Cardboard packaging

Cardboard boxes are heavy-duty paper stock. It is the paper pulp that is pressed hot to form very thick sheets. It has a pale brown color in its basic form.

Usually, these cardboards are used in the packaging of various consumer goods like cereal boxes, shoe boxes, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls. Greeting cards can also be made of cardboard. For heavy-duty items, this cardboard cannot be used.

You will get various cardboard types based on how they are processed like the type of pulp or cellulose fiber that you use, what thickness you will press the pulp, percentage of the fresh quantity of fiber as against recycled pulp used.

All these will decide the kind of cardboard that you may end up with.

Few different cardboard types are paperboards, cardstocks, and corrugated fiberboards. They are available as cardboard packages, but remember all cardboard packages may not be corrugated packages.

Both these types of packaging will have their different benefits and following are few of the benefits of cardboard packaging:

  • It is considered a multipurpose packaging option.
  • They are better suited for packing any high-end products.
  • They ensure a better presentation where you can easily print logos or your brand message to get the better visual appeal.
  • Much easier to recycle.

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