5 Ways That Stickers Can Help your Business

Stickers can be used in many ways to promote a business, especially with the technology that is available today, giving us the ability to laser print onto almost every substrate, while making stickers that are easy to remove. In this article, we will look at a few of the ways that stickers can promote your business.

  • Boost your Branding – If, for example, you handed out stickers at trade shows or exhibitions, this would certainly get your name around, especially if people put them on their vehicles, and with the right design and message, handing out promotional stickers is a great way to expose your brand to more people. Creating large vehicle stickers for your vans will get maximum exposure, as your company vehicles travel everywhere in your region, and this is an ongoing situation where your name is being exposed to many people.
  • Calls to Action – If you run a retail outlet, you will already be aware of the potential that CTAs offer, and with label sticker printing (called รับพิมพ์สติ๊กเกอร์ติดสินค้า in Thai), you can create your own calls to action and place them close to the target products. Use short, but compelling language when making CTAs, with phrases such as, ‘BUY NOW WHILE STOCKS LAST’, or ‘SALE ENDS THIS WEEK’.
  • Commercial Vehicles – We all know that the space on commercial vehicles can be effectively used for advertising, and with customised stickers from a sticker printing firm, you can get your message across to so many people. Take an honest look at how your company vehicles are decorated and you might just see some room for improvement, which is where the sticker design and print firm can really help.
  • Wall Stickers – Stickers are not limited in size, indeed using laser printing technology, you can create stickers to cover entire walls. Search online for a nearby sticker supplier and they can show you some amazing examples of wall stickers, which can dramatically transform your retail space. State of the art computer software allows you to be very creative regarding wall sticker designs and with expert application, your wall stickers will be level and have no wrinkles or air bubbles.
  • Handing Stickers Out to Non-Shoppers – You could hire a couple of girls to hand out several thousand stickers to people in the local shopping mall, which is another effective way of informing people who you are and what you do. This is one aspect of marketing where the it is almost impossible to measure the results, but if you focus on specific locations with targeted messages, this can be a very effective branding tool.

Stickers can be used for anything, from calls to action to decorating the side of your commercial vehicles, plus a lot in between, and if you would like to explore the many options that stickers can offer your business, search online for a local sticker company and they would be happy to discuss possible actions.

There are many ways you can improve your branding and stickers are just one tool that can be very effective when implemented correctly, and if you are not currently using stickers, this is something to change as soon as possible.



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